Welcome to Mannix Company, Inc.

Who is Mannix?
Mannix is a Michigan based company that provides finishing systems, components and service.

What does Mannix do?
Mannix designs, manufactures and installs industrial finishing systems and components. We also offer a ‘Finishing System Rent-a-Tech’ service.

Where does Mannix work?
Mannix works with business throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Why should I choose Mannix?
Simple answer: Mannix offers superior products with total customer satisfaction.
Detailed answer: Mannix has been building and selling their USA made products for over 30 years. Mannix is proud of the quality and customer satisfaction they offer. Mannix Company works with a customer from concept and design through production and installation, offering training for operation and maintenance of the system after installation. Some examples of what Mannix Company has custom designed and built include:

- Complete Systems for Paint Kitchens and Circulation
- Spray Booth Components and Systems
- Fluid Handling Systems Including Fluid, FRP and Powder
- Overhead and Flatline Conveying Systems
- Custom Spray Booth Fans
- Industrial Washers Constructed of Stainless Steel
- Convection Ovens, Pass-thru and Batch
- Gas Catalytic Ovens, Electric Infrared Ovens and UV Curing Ovens
- Towline Conveyor Systems
- Air Makeup Units
- Complete Moulding Machine Systems
- Racks for Moulding Machines

“Industrial finishing is our business”

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